Conversation Data Cloud for Calls

Differentiate your telephony offering and increase revenue using our APIs that transform the phone call experience and turn conversations into actionable insights.


Since every conversation matters...

We offer a suite of AI products that developers and telecom partners can easily integrate into their VoIP, video call, PBX, or CRM offerings. Each AI product connects to the Conversation Data Cloud, a memory engine for calls, to provide automated summaries, reminders, insights, and team management.


AutoNotes saves time and identifies business opportunities by automatically transcribing, summarizing, and turning conversations into insights. Bundle conversations by teams or projects so insights are specific to each group.


VoiceProtect is a voice biometric engine that includes speaker verification and speaker identification. Use cases: authentication / security and speaker identification for calls (enables the Conversation Data Cloud to identify insights by a team member's name).

Instant Insights

Wish you knew the answer of any question asked on calls? Instant Insights automatically finds and displays answers within 1 second. Enables customer service agents to avoid wasting time typing and salespeople to avoid saying "I don't know" or "I'll get back to you".

Who we are

Entrepreneurs with experience building mission-critical products

Team based in New York City and Hungary with expertise in voice AI, natural language processing (NLP), and telephony

Our partners include large and medium telephony / VoIP providers

Funded by tier one investors and universities, including ffVC and NYU